When giving a gift, have you ever heard the advice that you should give something that you’d like to receive? When starting this blog I followed the same sentiment, I decided I wanted to put stuff out there that I would want to read. I figured, if I would want to read it maybe someone else would too!

A little about me: I’m a California girl, at heart, who currently lives in a 110+ year old house with my husband, son, and two pugs. I love to be in the kitchen, I find lots of joy in spending an afternoon baking or finally sitting down to eat a delicious meal that I’ve slaved over. I’ve been baking and cooking since childhood and I’d like to think I’ve come along way from that 1960’s Betty Crocker cookbook that may or may not still reside in the shelf above my stove. I love wine, and chocolate… and popcorn. I also love change but hate surprises. And I hate “stuff”, it feeds my anxiety and wastes my time. I’m currently knee deep in the pursuit of a simpler life with less stuff. My go-to Netflix binge is pretty much any British TV show. A few of my dreams in life are: to live outside the U.S., to open a child development center, and to renovate a house just for fun.

Does any piece of that sound like you too? Do you also scour Instagram for airfare deals? Do also you happen to think that pugs are so ugly they’re cute? Well, no matter who you are – welcome! I’m excited to have you along for the ride, hopefully we can learn a bit from each other.


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